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Mingalar Bar!
Myanmar today is undergoing a radical transformation which will catapult this resource rich country of 60 million people to its rightful position in the fraternity of nations. It is an immensely exciting time in Myanmar. With so many positive changes all around us, it is but natural to feel euphoric about the bright future that awaits the country. MEGA/MAXXCARE started its Myanmar journey in 1996 in a small office on Than Lwin Road in Yangon. It was the first international company to set up distribution operations in Myanmar and from its modest beginnings with few principals it is today the leading pharmaceutical and FMCG distribution company in Myanmar. MAXXCARE has always strived to be a through and professional partner to its principals helping them realize their full potential in the country. Over the last two decades MAXXCARE has gained unparalleled knowledge of the Myanmar market.It was the first distribution company in Myanmar to receive the ISO 9001:2000 certification. With over 8 offices, 1400 employees, 31 principals, 20000+ active customers and 800 SKUs today, MAXXCARE offers a unique gateway to the Myanmar market for its principals. At MAXXCARE "We Know How".

The Land of the Golden Sun

Etched with a rich tapestry of history and culture, the land of the Golden Sun is brimming with resources both physical and intellectual; a wealth of natural resources, a strategic location, and a growing educated consumer base make it an investment haven. With a population of over 60million people, this market which is opening its doors to the world has the capacity and capability to become the next big consumer market in the region. Today Myanmar is heralding a new era of development & progress and these are exciting times not just for the country but also for all those who are working alongside the people of Myanmar towards taking it into a prosperous future as a contributing member of the international community. MAXXCARE in almost 2 decades of operations in Myanmar is proud to have been part of this Nation’s evolution as a democracy and stays true to its commitment to the people of Myanmar by being a good corporate citizen through innumerable CRS activities while bringing them closer to the world through the marketing and distribution of leading products both in consumer and health care presentations.

Welcome to MAXXCARE

MAXXCARE boasts a dynamic tradition of excellence & growth in the distribution of pharmaceutical, healthcare and FMCG sectors, while constantly moving forwards by adapting our business models to efficiently respond to the accelerating needs for our principals & the fast changing business conditions both locally & globally. MAXXCARE since its establishment in 1995, has maintained a steady consolidated growth substantiated by having one of the largest network of distribution centers in Myanmar for an ever growing partnership base. MAXXCARE’s integrated infrastructure includes refrigerated storage capabilities for distribution of temperature-controlled products even to the most remote areas of the country. A fully computerized management information system ensures efficacy and efficiency in data analysis, billing, inventory control and order processing at all the distribution facilities across the country. MAXXCARE’s strong financial base and modern management techniques complemented by a well-developed infrastructure make it the ideal partner for any leading multinational looking to penetrate the Myanmar market.