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A voyage that started with 10 people and 2 machines 30 years back to a MEGA Journey of today with 18 machines and 4,000 people spread across 18 countries today.
…a voyage guided by the simple aspirations and ordinary dreams of a small group of people to begin with.
…a voyage inspired by the extraordinary willpower of millions of human beings in lesser developed nations to endure severe hardships for even basic subsistence in the hope of a better tomorrow.
…a voyage fortified by our honest intentions to make a difference to the wellbeing and hopes of such people living under difficult conditions. The collective energy of 4,000 individual dreams gives us the resolve to persevere and the courage to think and change without fear in pursuit of this one dream……human wellness in developing nations.
4000 individual voyages….one dream….the MEGA Journey!

MEGA We Care

Established in 1983, MEGA Life Sciences is engaged in manufacturing, marketing, selling and distributing Medicines – Nutritional, Herbal, OTC-drugs & Prescription-drugs in developing countries.

MEGA Life Sciences is committed to provide quality products & services to our customers & consumers through constant improvement and innovation.

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MAXXCARE of MEGA Life sciences has evolved as a premier one-stop distribution company throughout the South East Asian region and has been engaged in the import, sales, promotion and distribution of a wide range of leading multinational brands of pharmaceuticals, consumer products and health care presentations. Maxxcare boasts an in-depth understanding and an exceptional track record with longstanding success in the challenging yet emergent markets of Myanmar, Cambodia & Vietnam.